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Digital Smile Design


Digital Smile Design DSD seeks to present a new face of dentistry, Everything is based on analysis-facial aesthetic photographic and videographic patient to better understand the relationship of the teeth, gums, lips and face in motion.

Organizing this information and creating a digital drawing of the smile, providing a visual presentation of the treatment plan for the patient to view and approve before the treatment itself starting.

DSD is Dentistry developed in order to meet the desires of the patient, aesthetically more demanding. Nowadays having a mouth free of biological & functional problems is not enough. Patients want beautiful smiles that are integrated with their physical characteristics but also in harmony with the emotional aspects.

The process of transformation of a smile must take into account the patient’s wishes. The fundamental question is: what the patient wants to express with your smile? We can create different designs of smiles each with a specific character. The key is to figure out which is the design that will harmonize with these morpho-psychological aspects of the patient.

Beautiful smiles are no longer left to chance as digital technology meets design to create stunning outcomes for patients.

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