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Facial Analysis

Cephalometric and photographic analysis of the skeletal anatomy, dental relationships, and facial soft tissue profile are used by oral and plastic surgeons as well as orthodontists to guide treatment that will alter the soft tissue contours of the face before the clinical procedures to move the jaw and teeth three-dimen-sionally are determined.

The vertical relationships of the face as viewed from the frontal and sagittal planes are measured from specific anatomical landmarks and compared to ranges of normal. Meaningful esthetic parameters on a cephalometric tracing relative to facial profile and lip from or support and ranges of normal for females are as follows:

• Skeletal classification
• Lip protrusion
• Nasolabial line angle
• Interlabial gap
• Maxillary incisor exposure
• Overjet/Overbite

Interpretation and treatment according to these numbers should take into account the variations between ethnic groups.
Facial features and expressions characterize a particular style of an individual and also strongly influence the perception of their personality by others. When analyzing the face on a photograph, vertical reference lines connecting points located at the glabella, tip of nose, and chin are superimposed on the face to assess the coincidence of the facial and dental midlines as well as right and left facial symmetry. Horizontal reference lines at the hairline, eyebrows, ala, and tip of chin

Divide the face in thirds and are superimposed to assess proportion of the face from the forehead to chin and the dental esthetic occlusal plane. Dental esthetics is most significantly influenced by the lower third of the face, and its normal, convex, or concave, appearance is assessed from the lateral view. The decision to alter these relationships and modality of treatment should ultimately be guided by the patient’s perception of and desire for facial balance and esthetics.

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