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Hollywood Smile Design

Artistic Smile in 40 minutes

A first impression occurs within 3 seconds of meeting someone. We all do it – its how our brains work. Making a strong, accurate, first impression can mean the difference in getting a job interview or promotion, making his or her heart skip a beat, or just giving you the confidence in knowing that you look your best.

As the Stars Dentist "Dr Zalaket" says: One of my services is in helping men and women to develop or polish their image. Because I am an artist first, I can employ dental procedures as my 'paint brush' to create unique smiles. Each individual has facial characteristics unlike any one else, and I can design each smile to complement the face and bring out an individual's inner beauty, so there are no two smiles alike.

Regardless of the number of teeth present. There is no magic bullet in procedures – I select from the menu of dental services to create the appropriate outcome for each patient.

High quality long lasting dentistry to maintain our oral health is just the ticket for most of the patients. Fortunately, Dr Zalaket with 22 years of experience, can provide these qualities to you.

Digital Impression

Digital impression solution solves many problems by providing accurate impressions from the start and a better patient experience.

Better experience
• Quick with no discomfort caused by impression materials
• Extra comfortable with powder-free scanning

Increased satisfaction
• High quality restoration fits and minimal grinding
• High quality clinical results

More convenience
• Reduced number of appointments due to fewer retakes
• Reduced overall chair time


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